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Darrick Branch of Hawaii Team Sports, located in Hawaii announced on January 1st 2008, that Erik Elcsics will serve as a member of the Board of Directors for Hawaii Team Sports as well as Communication Director, contributing to all website
development and future developments of HiTeamSports.com.

Erik Elcsics serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Hawaii Team
Sports as well as Communication Director, contributing to all website
development and future developments of HiTeamSports.com. Elcsics brings to
the table over a decade of business and technology experience, especially
in the web technology industry.

Elcsics is recognized as one of the media industry's leading authorities
on Internet technologies and the online distribution of digital content.
His background includes key management roles in e-commerce, software
development, and several assignments in the media and entertainment
industry. Elcsics, currently is President and CEO of Elluscient Technology
Solutions, and in the past has served as Advisor of Technology for various
Connnecticut Business corporations and had held Senior positions for large
corporations such as Mercedes Benz Credit Corportation, Daimler Chrysler
Capital Services, and CIGNA Corporation.

Erik Elcsics currently also leads Elluscient's company's strategic
planning, management and technology development and is responsible for all
operational aspects of the business. He oversees all technology and
production departments, ensuring accurate and timely delivery to clients,
as well as the development of our custom software. Erik Elcsics has
focused on building the corporate infrastructure needed to maintain the
companies rapid growth and on ensuring that quality remains high while
product development cycle times are kept to a minimum.

"I am delighted to join the Board of Directors for Hawaii Team Sports, and
serve as Communication Director", said Elcsics. "I hope to bring to the
role my management and industry experience coupled with my current role as
President of the Elluscient Technology Solutions. Through this role I will
be able to bring technology to Hawaii Team Sports, that will support these
businesses through their the ongoing expansion phases."

Elcsics has a broad array of experience in building software companies
that fundamentally transform their markets. His well-seasoned perspective
perfectly complements Hawaii Team Sports needs as a young and rapidly
growing innovative technology with a unique culture.

"I am abundantly proud to play an important role in Hawaii Team Sports.
The team and I are very like-minded, we believe that there are no limits
to what can be achieved when great people with innovative minds come
together to accomplish a goal. I couldn't be more thrilled to be working
with such a fine organization as Hawaii Team Sports."

"I look forward to a long future with Hawaii Team Sports!

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