Company Information

Our Vision

To be a world-class full-service technology solutions company, driven by customers needs and desires and empower small/mid-sized companies to large corporations with leading edge Internet technology and Internet Marketing solutions.

Our Mission

Elluscient Technology Solutions strives to satisfy our customer’s needs by delivering first-class technology solutions and services at cost effective and competitive prices to small/mid-sized companies to large corporations.

Elluscient Technology Solutions is a full-service technology solutions company that empowers small/mid-sized companies to large corporations with leading edge Internet technology and Internet Marketing solutions. We are a company driven by customers needs and desires.

We provide advanced solutions to help you better communicate with your clients, potential clients, employees, partners, investors or other key contacts.

Company Profile

Elluscient Technology Solutions, LLC, is headquartered in Vernon, Connecticut and founded and formed in November 2003 by it's President and CEO, Erik Elcsics. Elcsics started the company after freelancing web and software development for major financial and insurance industries.As the amount of business began to increase, a management team was needed and employees were hired to form Elluscient Technology Solutions.

Elluscient Technology Solutions is a recognized leader in the web solutions industry. The company's target market is from small business to large corporations. Elluscient Technology Solutions' clients range from the local business down the street to large corporations.

Management Team

Erik Elcsics, President and Chief Executive Officer Ė Erik Elcsics serves as CEO of Elluscient Technology Solutions where he leads the company's strategic planning, management and technology development and is responsible for all operational aspects of the business. He oversees all technology and production departments at Elluscient Technology Solutions, ensuring accurate and timely delivery to clients, as well as the development of our custom software. Erik Elcsics has focused on building the corporate infrastructure needed to maintain Elluscientís rapid growth as a company and on ensuring that quality remains high while product development cycle times are kept to a minimum. Erik is also responsible for Elluscientís day-to-day operations. He brings to Elluscient Technology Solutions a broad array of experience in building software companies that fundamentally transform their markets. His well-seasoned perspective perfectly complements Elluscientís needs as a young and rapidly growing innovative technology with a unique corporate culture.

Elcsics is recognized as one of the media industry's leading authorities on Internet technologies and the online distribution of digital content. His background includes key management roles in e-commerce, software development, and several assignments in the media and entertainment industry.

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