Email Marketing

How can you reach out to your customers? Ask them what they want?
Increase customer loyalty? Or Measure customer response?

Benefits of e-mail marketing are increased response in terms of time, quantity and quality.

Email marketing is faster, cheaper, and more information rich than traditional Direct Marketing practices. Email leaves a lasting impression because it is documented, can be saved, and stored for later retrieval. The simple truth is that today you can use email marketing to achieve more with less to gain a competitive advantage.

Email marketing is the most inexpensive, fastest, effective, flexible, and efficient media that exists today. Email marketing has enormous potential benefits for your business.

Elluscient technology Solutions can create a targeted campaign for your business that is about 3 to 4 times more effective than traditional direct mail. We can customize content or leverage previous creative and copy in your targeted promotion or newsletter. This assures for perfect brand and channel cohesion, meaning you achieve a consistent look at each touch point with your audience. Finally, we can help maximize the promotion effort by analyzing contact frequency from past behavior and act accordingly in future efforts.

In a targeted email campaign 80% of responses are received back in the first 48-hrs. Moreover, Internet users worldwide check email frequently, 95% check daily and of that percentage over half check multiple times per day.

Cost ordered least expensive to most:

1. E-mail (per delivery)
2. Snail mail (per mail peace)
3. Telemarketing (per call)

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