eCommerce Shopping Cart Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plus Plan

Virtually all styles of database driven web pages impose a structure for content and coding of your web pages. Often the structure a database system imposes will limit your ability to do proper search engine optimization.

Shopping carts are one of the most common types of database driven websites. In addition, shopping carts typically have a high need for search engine traffic.

A shopping cart that is optimized properly can be a very good traffic driver. However, lack of SEO experience and the limited web page structure imposed by the cart software has left most e-commerce sites ranking poorly in the search engines. Let Elluscient Technology Solutions techniques get you top search engine rankings for your ecommerce site!

The Ecommerce Shopping Cart Search Engine Optimization Plus Plan Includes

Search engine visiblity analysis, you will find out where your website currently ranks in all the major search engines, plus you get an initial ranking report.


Tailored keyword analysis with best suited keywords and phrases for your business. Creation of targeted, optimized META tags including title, keyword and description.

Up to 30 keywords are included. We will add both keywords for your products and your domain to track. For each tracked keyword our system will track the first 30 Google results. Within these results the system will match any Domain/URL you add as a tracked domain to the URLs of the first 30 Google results. If a match is found, the match will be listed under the tracked keyword. We will provide you with this full rank history report as part of your monthly report mentioned below.


Optimization of up to 20 pages, HTML and javascript on index pages


Search Engine Optimization Web Store - SEO PHP Functions

As more and more Web sites have become dynamically generated (with dynamic URL's), search engines have improved in order to crawl and index more of these dynamic sites. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have been actively crawling and indexing dynamic URL's, such as those found with Shopbunique, for some time now. Other smaller search engines are trying to do the same. (These are basically wrapper functions that will help you encapsulate and manage your page title, META description and META keywords. They contain function to strip HTML tags, truncate a string (without breaking words), and develop META keywords from a string.)Meta Tag Controller add-onThis will allows you to customize both META keywords and descriptions at the individual product level.


SEO site mapSEO

Sitemap is an add-on to your ecommerce site, that enables search engines to seethe catalog pages properly. This tool creates 2 important sitemaps:One that contains all of your categories, the other contains all your products. All the links in the sitemap pages terminate with '.html' instead of '.php'.Normal users will never see these pages. Instead, they are automatically transported toyour site's true homepage via a java redirect. Search engine robots will ignore the java redirect and will see these pages. These sitemaps should allow all the major search engines to see and include in their index all your categories and your products.


Make your heading TITLE show up as a page title. Ideal for giving your pages better search engine optimization.


Addition of robots.txt file so the search engine spiders are able to “crawl” your site with ease. *if needed


Submission to the Major Search Properties Google, Yahoo, MSN and HotBot, AOL, AltaVista. Hand Submissions to the Major Directories and secondary engines (directories that do not require a fee)


Search engine submission confirmation reports as well as email and phone assistance if you need it.


Detailed monthly ranking reports
showing your new and greatly improved positioning.

You will get comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Reports that supplies the following:

- Gives you a visibility analysis of your current rankings
- Displays your positions in all the major engines
- Identifies which pages on your site are working best SEO Report is an all-in-one solution for a better insight on the SEO world.
- Monitoring your ranking in search engines
- I
improving your link popularity
- Suggestions for the right popular keywords to use
- Help
bring targeted visitors and increase sales


Follow-up submissions and ongoing Site Tune Ups to keep you in the ranks.

Elluscient Technology Solutions' eCommerce Shopping Cart SEO Plus Package Price

Monthly Maintenance $50
Setup Fee $360

Easy Payment Plans:
6 Month Payment Plan: $/month.
3 Month Payment Plan: $/month.

With the 6 Month Payment Plan, the setup fee is incorporated into the full 6 months ($/month).
With the 3 Month Payment Plan, the setup fee is incorporated into the 3-month period ($/month).


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